Friday, December 9, 2011

Motion Math Research Report by GameDesk

A New Report Released by GameDesk Shows Motion Math Game Significantly Improves Students’ Fractions Knowledge and Attitudes toward Math.

Executive Summary:

Knowledge of fractions is essential for future success in mathematics. Yet according to national data, the vast majority of US students fail to become proficient in fractions.

The advent of mobile technologies such as iPad tablets enable new kinds of physical
interactions that have potential for improving learning; however to date no experimental studies have been conducted to determine the efficacy of any iPad app for improving students’ knowledge.

An experimental study was conducted to determine whether Motion Math, a fractions game designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, improves students’ fractions knowledge and attitudes. The study also assessed students’ ratings of the Motion Math game.

Results show that students’ fractions test scores improved an average of over 15% after playing Motion Math for 20 minutes daily over a five-day period, representing a significant increase compared to a control group.

Students’ self-efficacy for fractions, as well as their liking of fractions, each improved an average of 10%, representing a statistically significant increase compared to a control group.

Virtually all students rated Motion Math as fun and reported wanting to play it again; nearly all (95%) students in the study reported that their friends would like the game, and that the game helped them learn fractions.

Taken together, the data from this experimental study offer strong evidence that Motion Math successfully integrates entertainment value with educational value.

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