Sunday, April 28, 2013

Proposed National Reorganization for STEM Education

In their 2014 budget proposal, the Whitehouse is projecting a significant reorganization related to the programs and funding for STEM Education.  It would eliminate 78, consolidate 49, and launch 39 new programs.  In the end, the request of $3.1 billion for STEM Education would be a 7% increase over the 2012 allocation.

The purpose of the reorganization is to reduce overlap and fragmentation, and to increase coordination and assessment of the effectiveness of the funding.

NASA, NOAA, and NIH have been projected for major reductions related to their respective education activities.  The Department of Education, NSF, and the Smithsonian Institution would all have their STEM related programs realigned and their funding expanded.

ScienceInsider spoke last week with top officials at each agency.

While the Congress is likely to reduce the effectiveness of this reorganization, in the interests of preserving programs for various influential constituents, the reorg objectives seem sound and it is heartening to see the 7% increase in funding overall.

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